Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting Started

Welcome to Marriage By Design! Marriage, by God's design, is a beautiful thing. It is not something that one should enter into without considerable prayer, counsel and thought. Marriage is something that should be constantly nurtured and cultivated over time, and we should always keep God at the center of our marriage. Our prayer is that you will find encouragement for your marriage through the posts and links we provide.

We have experienced many ups and downs in our marriage. By the grace of God we have persevered, and we continue to grow closer each day. Sure, there are days when we might not be super happy with (or dare I say "like") each other, but we have made the choice to love one another forever. That choice is a daily choice, and because of that choice, we sometimes come under attack. Those attacks threaten the intimacy that is necessary for marriage to thrive. We must remember that we are not each other's enemy... that we need to work together as a team and, most importantly, that we need to turn to God for guidance.

Join us as we continue to grow in our marriage and in our relationship with God.

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