Saturday, March 24, 2012

Something to brag about

from SCOTT:

Men - I want to hear what you've done for your wife lately. Something worth bragging on that if we were hanging out and you told me, I'd be offering a high-five instantly.

Here's mine. I had a Wed-Fri business trip two weeks ago and knew I could get home by 5:30pm Friday night. As I kissed my wife goodbye, I told her "be ready for Friday night" and then left. I didn't have a clue what we'd do but figured I'd figure it out.

Called a babysitter and made sure she'd be at my house just before I got home. Then I spent a few minutes thinking about what my wife and I would do for 4-5 hours. Went with the standard dinner-and-a-movie by remembering a type of food (Cuban in this case) I knew my wife hadn't had in a while, and a movie I figured we'd both like. I'm lucky that she likes sci-fi so don't laugh when I say John Carter was enjoyable, even though it bombed.

Back to the point: When was the last time you dated your wife? Think about that.

When was the last time you spent 30 minutes finding a sitter, planning an evening and having a blast with the person to which you once proclaimed "until death do us part"?

Biblically speaking, we must take the lead. Doing so shows her how much you love her. It gives her a chance to trust you, and to believe that God's design for marriage (where the man steps up to the plate with the woman's help) actually works.

This isn't rocket science people! Heck, it doesn't even require a sitter. Just plan some time to be with the person that you love more than any other person on the planet. Date her today like you dated her so many years ago. It'll lead to more fun than you realize...

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  1. Well Scott, OUCH! I hate to see a well written post go begging for 2 1/2 years. Must have been very disappointing back then. I have some I have put DAYS into that only garnered a like an perhaps two comments, one of them my reply. :D. I know women have their preferences so I try to cater to my wife's when we do something. "Where would you like to go to eat?" They also like to be surprised though and "dated." Perhaps better to say, "I thought we'd go to ______ to eat tonight. Sound good?" That way you take the lead and give them a chance to choose an option at the same time if you are uncertain if they want to go the "usual" place.

    I had never really regarded something as simple as choosing a movie or dining spot it as an opportunity to exercise leadership though. I suppose the same could be said of saying, "I'm going to cook out tonight. How about a nice steak or perhaps some salmon?" Again, you are showing leadership of a fashion. All small steps that build upon greater leadership skills which create in her a growing willingness to accept your headship and her submission to your authority.