Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Video for men so we can act like one

So Nicole and I are leading a marriage class during Sunday school entitled "The Art of Marriage".  Each of six sessions is one hour long with a ~30 minute video and some discussion.  Our first class is being well attended with 20+ people!  Highlights from a guy's perspective:

- Videos are quick and each contributor is to-the-point.
- We don't have to encourage discussion, there's plenty of people inspired to respond after seeing each video.
- It's based on God's morals, not our own, so if you follow His path you're more apt to succeed, i.e we men can't screw this up.

I usually worry that stuff like this is mushy and written as if the man should make all sorts of changes to appease an uncomfortable wife.  Not so with this - it really hits home for how a man should man up and his wife can lean on him, and in some cases acutally learn to lean on him.  Men aren't taught how to be men anymore so this class helps us see our real we-need-to-be-tough-as-iron role.

One scene really hits home for men; football references usually do.  In this case, the wide receiver position became an analogy for being a "wife-receiver".  If the wide receiver doesn't track the ball with his eyes into his arms, and then properly tuck the ball into his side, there's a cornerback ready to pounce.  Satan is like that - ready to pounce at a moment of weakness.  Dropping a catch hurts, but going back to the huddle is worse.  Sucks to feel like the walking wounded, having to beg forgiveness from her yet again.

So when you catch that ball, tuck it in tight and still take that hit, it may still hurt but you're excited to run back to the huddle at full speed.  Being a good wife-receiver is like that.  If you start doing the right thing, then fail to follow thru, it's painful to ask for forgiveness.  But what happens when we do the right things and prove our love, heck defend it from Satan...  we're on cloud nine man!

Men - do what you're supposed to do, and by that I mean Stand Up for your women.  Don't wait!  If your heart or head or whatever is thinking "maybe I should help" then get the heck up and help!  Jump up like your lives depend on it - she'll return the favor.


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