Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is It Worth The Cost?

A fellow blogger published a great post titled What is the Culture of Your Marriage? Within the post was a short video link describing Worship. Of course, we're talking about marriage, so he suggested:

Watch the clip, but when you hear the term worship leader think of your role as a spouse, and when you hear worship team, substitute your marriage, and lastly, when you hear worship, think the way you love your spouse.

One of the comments in the video stated that if it's not costing anything it's not worth anything. The woman on the video is referring to 2 Samuel 24:24 when David says I will not offer that which costs me nothing (paraphrased). While the scripture reference is referring to David purchasing a threshing floor from Araunah, isn't this a wonderful way to think about our marriages?

Our marriages should cost us everything. Or rather, our marriages should be WORTH everything. It is important to invest our time, energy and even our finances. If our marriages are meant to glorify God and show people the truth about God, isn't it worth the cost? If we are going to offer up our marriages as a testimony to God's amazing love, grace and design, we must be willing to give it our all.


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